Virtual Reality Solutions

Over the last 2 years, we’ve had to think laterally to come up with ways to help our clients stay connected to their customers and target …


Even with COVID and BREXIT – We Deliver !   With travel restrictions easing, the flood gates opened in October with a torrent of live events …

Over the past 30 years we at Maxim have forged a reputation based on the calibre of our creative thought. Developing that thought within or without established boundaries. We have, on occasion, caused those boundaries to be redefined. We deliver visionary creativity in ‘Live Environments’ across the globe and the results speak for themselves.
We ‘collaborate and include’

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To explain what that means we’d say, well, big or small every business that contacts us deserves the same amount of respect and consideration.

Sure, we’ve worked with the biggest and the best, the Sony’s, Dell’s, Janssen’s and the Milwaukee’s of this world, but that doesn’t mean that SME’s should be viewed with any less need than the big corporates. So, we’re here for them also and who knows, one day, they too might be a Sony and we like the sound of that.

The guiding principal behind Maxim is to remain firmly focused on the needs and ever changing demands of a sometimes dazzling, sometimes mesmerizing, but always glorious and rewarding Industry of which we are proud to be a member.


Every performance is an opportunity to excel. Equally there is the spectre of failure. The difference between the two is a fine line that experience, skill and knowledge teach us to walk. There is nothing more critical nor forgiving than a live audience. What we see we remember the most, be remembered for the right reasons.

At Maxim we have achieved a postion of trust. Trusted to deliver. Providing calm assurance in moments of stress. Relied on to impress. Ideas to execution – from concept, to stage, to performance. Events with attitude and certain of success.

The services offered by Maxim are extensive and include project planning, CAD visualisation, audio-visual requirements and extensive set-build work. It means we can entrust our conference requirements to one key supplier, helping to keep the planning process smooth for us throughout. However large the event or complex the set-up, Maxim provide a professional, dependable and experienced service. We can confidently say that the success of our Ryobi customer events over the last 5 years owe a large credit to the whole team at Maxim.

Bettina Bush – Marketing Manager Ryobi Tools, EMEA