Preparing for a whole new world…  

The last few months has seen a sea-change in the way that companies market themselves. A massive shift towards online retail, online learning, …


Wish you were here ! We simply love what we do – and it’s shows! For the 11th year Maxim Communications are back again at the Business Travel …


Over the years we have worked with a range of organisations, from big enterprise companies to smaller mid-sized businesses, always trying to understand what they are striving to achieve from a business or strategic level. We work with them to understand strategy as an overarching theme and how events as a solution are going to contribute to the overall success of the business.

In today’s modern world, Creative Live Environments are still the ultimate networking platform. Humans still love interacting with other humans face to face, even though the world is moving towards being more digital. People love live events because they are an experience, they go on a journey to discover new products and services, make new friends and interact with peers and colleagues. The benefits are endless, events will never die, however they will always be evolving.

At Maxim we are committed to the exciting challenges ahead and we look forward to the opportunity to grow with you.

Sony has worked with Maxim for a number of years on trade events and the service we receive is always exceptional. From project management and design, to build and onsite installation, the team is always professional, hard-working and helpful. We would recommend their services to other companies.

Carly Stairs, Retail Marketing Manager, Sony