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The last few months has seen a sea-change in the way that companies market themselves. A massive shift towards online retail, online learning, …


Wish you were here ! We simply love what we do – and it’s shows! For the 11th year Maxim Communications are back again at the Business Travel …

About Us

We could start this with some fancy mission statement, some PR speak, buzz word bingo. After all its where our roots lie.  But Maxim was borne out of a direct need by our directors to simplify the frustrations that exist in bringing your product or service to market in a live environment.

Damn. that’s almost a mission statement!

Let’s start again.

It could be said that you don’t choose to work in live events, the industry picks you. That is very true at Maxim, we are all team that can boast over 150 years of experience in the event and marketing industry. Design, Project Management, Conferences, Concerts, Events and Exhibitions; we have worked across the globe for over a quarter of a century.

We have a close-knit team, and it’s rare for anyone to leave and that includes our customers.

In many respects, we aren’t a business we are a family.

We enjoy a challenge, we enjoy the work we do, and most importantly we enjoy delivering great results for our clients.

So if you want a team of no nonsense straight talking event professionals, who pride themselves on their work then talk to us about your next project, challenge us and become a part of our extended family.

We can also do complicated corporate speak too!

Vinod Kapur Partner - Business Development
John Clark Partner - Finance
Christian Strange Managing Director
Jay Froget Creative / Projects
David Christmas Creative / Projects
Gary Judd Account Development
Ian Waterman AV / Technology
Neil Dodd Operations
Stephen Redman Account Development
Ann Price Office Administration

Maxim have the unique ability of getting straight to the heart of a clients brief, making you feel that whilst they are a supplier they are very much an extension of your own team.

Philip Welsh – European AEG Brand Manager